Microsoft released the latest version of Dynamics NAV – Project “Madeira” as a preview. One of the focused features with this release is the Outlook integration; allowing you to use Outlook Online to process many tasks without leaving Outlook.

This time I will be showing you how to create a sales quote without leaving Outlook Online using Project “Madeira”‘s new addon feature.

**Please be aware that the feature may differ from the retail version.


If Dynamics NAV Project “Madeira” and Outlook Online integration has not been setup yet, look at this article.

First, let’s check the email from Andy Teal (from the demo email).

Andy has requested for a new sales quotation as he is renovating his office. Above the email body, click on Project “Madeira” button.


Project Madeira will ask you for login. Fill in the login details for Project “Madeira” and once done, the window below will be shown. Now you are ready to do things directly from Outlook Online.


Returning to the Outlook online, it should now be displayed with “Have you signed in to Project Madeira…” just click on “Done” to continue.


Now the details of Andy’s company – The Cannon Group PLC is shown. Project Madeira shows the details of this account such as the remaining Accounts Receivables and the sales amount year to date.


Next to the company name, you can click on the + button. From here, you can directly create sales quotes, orders, invoices and credit memos without leaving Outlook Online. For this demo, I will click on “Sales Quote”.


Now a new quote S-QUO1003 has been created. click on “Edit” to edit the details of the quotation.


Copy and paste the products Andy wanted quotation of. As you can see, just typing the description will allow Project “Madeira” to recognize the Item No.


Next, click on the “…” and select “Send by Email”. You can directly create and send the quotation from here.


A new window is shown, and email is automatically generated (but not yet sent) to Andy.

I will now try and open up the PDF file that is attached.


You will notice that Word Online is run for the preview. If you need to, you can edit the quotation directly from here using Word Online’s PDF editing feature.