The latest preview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV cloud service – Project Madeira released in April 11th, has Power BI integration as a standard feature. Today, I will be showing you how to setup from Project Madeira to connect with Power BI.

**Please take note that this is still a preview version and may differ from the retail version.

If you don’t have the demo environment from Project “Madeira”, you can view this article here.


Before connecting to the Power BI, you need to prepare the authentication in order for Power BI to be able to connect to Project “Madeira”.

First, inside the Project “Madeira” homepage, click on the search button in the top right box.

Once the search screen is shown, search for “Users” and double click on the link.


In the demo environment, a user named “STOCKPILER@VALOREMCONSULTING.COM” is prepared. Click on “Edit”.


Click on “Change Web Service Key”.


A warning is shown but just ignore it and click on “Yes”.


Tick the box for “Key Never Expires” and click on OK.


Now the “Web Service Access Key” has been randomly generated. You will need this key to setup Power BI later. So make sure to take note or copy it to a notepad etc.


Next, open up Power BI. You should be able to access without login as you’ve already logged into Project Madeira with Office 365 authentication. Click on “Services” and choose “Connect”.


In the list, click on “Project Madeira” and click on “Connect”.


In the “OData Feed URL”, specify the URL from Project “Madeira”. As you can see in the example, the part in red should be a different number.



Next you need to enter the credentials. The authentication method should be “Basic”. The username and password is the login information you obtained in Project Madeira. So the user by default should be “STOCKPILER@VALOREMCONSULTING.COM” and the password should be whatever you have taken note of. Once entered, click on “Sign in” to complete the setup.


A dashboard for Project “Madeira” should be displayed as shown below.