As part of the new feature from Project “Madeira” released as preview on April 11, integration with Office 365 and Outlook has been strengthened tremendously. You can now look inside your quotations and create invoices all without leaving Outlook Online. Today, I will be showing you how to setup Project “Madeira” to linkup with Outlook Online

※This is from a preview version and may be different from the retail version that is to be launched.


Add Project “Madeira” add-on to Outlook Online

From the Project Madeira home screen, go to “Assisted Setup & Tasks”.

Select “Set Up Office Add-Ins”


Wizard will startup. Click “Next”.


You can select either for Project Madeira addon to be applied to only your mailbox, or for the organization. In this demo, I will only apply it for myself. So choose “My Mailbox” and click next.


Enter your login details for Office 365 or Exchange Online.


You choose to receive a sample email for demo.

If you tick “Send sample email messages”, you will later receive two emails.

For this demo, I will tick the box. Click “Next” to continue.


The setup is complete. Click on “Finish” and close the wizard.

If you return to the “Assisted Setup”, you will find that the status for “Set Up Office Add-Ins” has changed to “Completed”.


Now I will check on Outlook Online to see if the two sample emails have been received.


You can see that there are two emails. One from Andy Teal and the other from Julia Collins as a sample.

Now your Outlook has been successfully setup to integrate with Project “Madeira”.