PowerApps has now been released as public preview since April 29 2016. Along with this preview, Microsoft has released four new sample apps to show the potential usage of PowerApps.

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps allows you to easily create apps based on data not only from Microsoft products but from data saved in Google Drive and OneDrive etc without requiring the knowledge of sophisticated programming. More like an Excel equation to develop an app.


Service Desk:

This app is for ticket management on support inquiries – showing status of each ticket.


Each support request can be categorized with priorities and areas of service.


Budget Tracker:

It can potentially be used for budget tracking per event/project basis with current expenditures and the remaining allowances.

Site Inspection:

This is a property management app with detailed photos of each site along with the descriptions of each property.


Each property can include location that links with your GPS data in your mobile device.


Image gallery can be used for keeping info about the surrounding environments for each property.


Cost Estimator:

This app estimates refurbishment costs for each customer based on size of the room and materials used for the flooring.

Once the app is started up, the list of customers to visit is shown with location of the customer on a map.

By clicking on “Begin Estimate”, you can start the cost estimation.


You can enter the length and width for each room, and the app automatically calculates the area.


Flooring can be graphically selected with unit costs of each material.


Based on the selected and entered info, the estimation is calculated.