I’ve been posting articles on PowerApps since the invitational preview, and now it has been released as a public preview! With this release, there has been several changes so I will point them out below.

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps allows you to easily create apps based on data not only from Microsoft products but from data saved in Google Drive and OneDrive etc without requiring the knowledge of sophisticated programming. More like an Excel equation to develop an app.


Sample apps released

Along with the public preview release, four sample apps are now available for download.

Further details of each apps can be accessed from here.


Development is easier with updated PowerApps Studio

Existing data sources can now be used to create an app with just a single click. With the new “tile” display, development is even more friendlier than before.


Increasing Datasource

There were only several to choose from when PowerApps initially had started. As of May 2 2016, there are lots of options to choose from as you can see below.


Execute apps from the Web

With this public release, you can now run the apps you’ve developed directly from the web browser with out the needs of iOS, Android or Windows Apps – allowing you to run the apps from any device regardless of your OS.

Here is the article on how to signup to the public preview.