This time, I will be using PowerApps to connect to Dynamics CRM online and create a simple application.

Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management application and this time, I will be using the customer master for the app.0

Add a connection

First, startup PowerApps Studio and below Dynamics CRM Online, click on “Phone Layout”.


Next, click on “Connect”.


The login screen is displayed. So enter your Dynamics CRM Online username and password. Once done, click on “Sign-in” to continue.


If successfully logged on, you should see below “Choose a dataset”, the name of your Dynamics CRM Online organization name.


Below “Choose a table” you will see a list of entities.

This time, I will use the “contact” entity.

Change the display and layout of the list page

In the initial setup, there are various layouts that are included such as photos – which we don’t want.

You could switch around and delete them one by one, but by selecting “Quick tools” you can easily change the layouts.

First, click on the “Quick tools” at the bottom right corner.


Once you open up the “Quick tools”,  you can select “Layout”, “Content” and “Theme”.

This time, let’s choose the “Layout” to change the layout of this page.

I have selected the left middle layout, but feel free to choose whichever you prefer.

Once you select the design, the change will automatically be reflected.

Change the details of each field

Next, we need to change the fields that are displayed. Click on the one you want to change, and select “Options” at the bottom right part of the screen.

You will see that the display on the right has changed to “Text box” and now you can select what fields to display.


In this example, I will show the full name of the contact, so select “fullname” and the email address which is the “emailaddress1” field of the contacts entity.

In the options below, you can select the fields via the drop-down menu.


If you carry on with various changes like colour, you can easily create an app like below.

To see how to add a menu to you app, look inside this article I have written.