Microsoft Power BI includes interface with Dynamics CRM as a standard function allowing you to easily extract and analyze Dynamics CRM data.

In this article, I will be showing you how to connect Microsoft Power BI with Dynamics CRM.


How to setup

If you don’t own an existing Power BI account, you must first sign up.

Go to and enter your email address and press “sign up”

Note: Free mail addresses (Hotmail, Gmail etc) cannot be used.


If you already own another Microsoft provided services (Office 365, Azure etc.) then the following will be displayed instead.

Click on “Start”

Wait for several minutes until setup is complete.

A page with “Welcome to Power BI” is displayed. In the “contents pack library”, inside the “services”, click on “connect”.


If you scroll down, you will see “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online”


Choose “Connect”.


In the service URL, enter your Dynamics CRM Online address like below and click next.


Set the authentication method to “oAuth2″ and click on “Sign In”.


Enter your Dynamics CRM Online login details and click on “Sign In”.


The setup to link Power BI and Dynamics CRM is now complete.

An article on how to use Power BI will be provided on a later date.