On March 10th at 01:00 Japan Time, Microsoft launched the second Dynamics AX virtual launch event and here is some of the highlights I have picked up.

Check on Microsoft’s official Dynamics AX product page for further information from the link below:



The Event Details:

One of the first phrases started with “Next Generation Cloud ERP, Built on and for Azure”

“Microsoft Dynamics AX – Increasing the speed of doing business”

With the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016, information can be easily accessed using cards, charts and other visual functionalities.

It now has integration with Cortana as one of the standard features of Dynamics AX.

Just via voice commands, sales orders can be processed.

Cortana says – “I’m preparing your sales order”

“Which site do you want to ship from?”


Dan Brown from Microsoft’s R&D team has spoken that with this release of Dynamics AX,

One of the main focus was on the user experiences and to increase the business productivity.

Roles are setup for each business processes and Workspace allows a “360 Degree View” – not only knowing the current situation but also analyzing data using Power BI.

The new Dynamics AX can be used with any device, any situations.

Adapted to several different form factors, with ability to use with touch screens.

And usages with many different screen sizes.

Expense reporting can be processed via Tablet device.

As one of the user claims “The Power BI tool of Dynamics AX makes it easy for every employee”


System administrators can use “Lifecycle Services” more easily to manage and implement Dynamics AX compared to previous versions.

In many different purposes and situations, Dynamics AX will support the daily operations providing a “fun” experience that can be achieved with ordinary ERP systems.

Financial manager can visually look into the financial performances in real time using Power BI.

Rental companies can use reservation management functions to support their daily operations.

Purchase Order approvals can be processed from the same system.