I was off for a holiday for a week but haven’t forgotten about my blog!

So, what I was using was Cortana Intelligence Suite during the holiday so I that I could know which attraction to ride on at the most optimized time where the waiting queues are short!

What I made from Cortana Intelligence Suite is shown below:

So, what I’m going to talk about in this post is on Cortana Intelligence Suite.

I’ve been posting how-to’s on a Japanese curation media “Qiita” since September 2016.

The field I’m posting about is shown below and I’m using majority of the Azure PaaS platforms which are presented with practical examples.

機能(大分類) 機能(小分類) マイクロソフト製品・サービス
  • Cortana Integration
  • BOT Service
  • Cognitive Service
  • Cortana
  • Bot Framework
  • Cognitive Services
Dashboard and Visualization
  • Dashboard and Visualization
  • Power BI
Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Hadoop
  • Distributed Analytic Systems
  • Advanced Event Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • HDInsight (Data Lake service)
  • Data Lake analytics
  • Stream Analytics
Big Data Store
  • Big Data Storage
  • Flexible Data Warehouse
  • Data Lake store, Blobs
  • SQL Data Warehouse
Information Management
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Catalog
  • Event Intake
  • Data Factory
  • Data catalog
  • Event Hubs

When you show above services as a diagram, it can be categorized like below:

Im still writing the articles but please feel free to have a look on the How-to articles below!

Cortana Intelligence Suiteを構築(第1回)- 公開されているWeb APIのデータをAzure Event Hubsへ送信する

Cortana Intelligence Suiteを構築(第2回)- 新AzureポータルからのStream Analyticsの使い方(基本編)

Cortana Intelligence Suiteを構築(第3回)- 新AzureポータルからのStream Analyticsの使い方(応用編)

Cortana Intelligence Suiteを構築(第4回)- ビッグデータをAzure Data Lake Analyticsでクエリ処理してみる

Cortana Intelligence Suiteを構築(第5回)- Azure Machine Learningを使ってデータを予測してみる(サインアップ&データの準備編)