Microsoft released a new program “Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials” and “Microsoft IT Pro Career Center” – announced from Server & Cloud blog article. This program is for IT professionals to allow usage for training and learning for free to answer the question on “How can I start the cloud?”.

In this article, I will be showing you one of the benefits from “Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials” called “Azure Pass”. Azure Pass is a program provided by Microsoft which you can benefit from 100 USD worth of Azure services for 3 months aimed for IT professionals.

Steps to subscribe the “Azure Pass”

Click on “Cloud Services”


Below the “Microsoft Azure Pass”, click on “Show code”


The code will be displayed. Next to the code, click on the COPY button and click on “Go to Azure Portal”.


Fill in the country and the code you just copied. When done, click on “Submit”.


Fill in your name and click “Submit” again.


It will ask for you to activate. Click on the “Activate” button.


Although it will display as a “purchase”, there is no fee involved. Just click on “purchase”.