When you login to the Azure Portal, have you ever felt that you want to customize it so that it shows your company’s logo or background? You can! This time, I will show you how to customize it.

First, you need to access the Azure Active Directory to customize it.

Currently the setup is only available from the classic portal (https://manage.windowsazure.com/)

Once you login to the classic portal, select “Active Directory” from the left side of the portal.

Choose the directory (if multiple) you want to customize.

Click on “Customize the brand”.

You can upload the logos and banner logos saved on your local environment.

Banner Logo is where “Microsoft Azure” is displayed by default (shown in dotted blue below).

Image for signin page is the part shown in dotted in red.

Banner Logo has to be below 200 x 60 pixels or below and the signin page must be below 1200 x 1420 pixels.

Both JPG and PNG files are supported, but if you want to use transparent backgrounds, I suggest you to use PNG files.

Once filled in, click on the tick.

If something like below is shown, your setup is finished!

I tried logging out and logging in again.

To see the customization, you need to add your domain you use to login in after portal.azure.com  (eg. In my case, it was http://portal.azure.com/tyoshida.me)

If you have some single sign on setup, you can see the customization like below too!