The standard Azure portal does not have the functions to see what’s inside the tables and move files around.

Today, I will be sharing a freeware which you can use called Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

First, get the program from :

Once downloaded, run the eye file.

Installer will start up like below. Click on “I accept the agreement” and choose “Next”

Now specify the location to install the program. You can leave it with default path. Once selected, click “Next”

Specify the menu folder directory and click “Next”.

If you want a desktop shortcut, tick the box.

Click “Next” to continue.

After you have checked the parameters, click on “Install”

Now the installation is complete.

If you startup the program, a screen like below is shown.

Click on “Connect to Microsoft Azure” to login.

Although a login for Visual Studio is shown, don’t worry about it and just enter your email you use to login to Office 365 and click “Next”.

You may also need to re-enter your login details again.


And that’s it! Installation and setup is complete.

The pane on the left hand side is your Azure Storage Account and if you expand it, you will see that the contents of your BLOB storage is displayed and that applies with other types too such as tables. If you expand further, you will eventually see the very detail of your storage such as files and table rows like below. You can upload and download files as well as exporting table rows to CSV, run simple queries etc.